Who is EuroDeal? is the reference site for consulting and posting free classified ads in Europe. Presenting a wide variety of offers and products, our site offers you everything you need on a daily basis.

The availability of several categories gives you quick access to the items you are looking for, whether it is a new car, your interior design, real estate, a new job or even baby clothes or equipment.

Our different filters allow you very quickly to find the objects you are looking for in your price range and your region.

Posting an ad is quick and easy on our site so feel free to trade, buy and sell your new and used items on our classifieds platform.

How it work?

a. How to insert a classified ad? Is the service 100% free?

To post a free classified ad, all you have to do is click on the “Create a new ad” link which is permanently located at the top right. Then fill in the various fields that are requested and enter the text of your ad.

b. I would like to add a photo to my ad. How to do ?

You can insert a maximum of 10 photos when posting your ad. To add photos to your ad, you can either click on the space provided for this purpose, a window will appear and you can choose the folder where the photos are located, or put the mouse on the chosen image and drop it in the ‘location. Images should not exceed 10MB. Only images in JPG, GIF and PNG formats are accepted.

c. I would like to modify or delete my ad. How to do ?

You simply need to click on “Option” at the bottom right of your ad to edit and in the drop-down menu, choose “Edit ad” to edit it and “Delete ad” to delete it. If you have lost your password, you can receive it by email: to do this, please click on “Forgotten password” when you try to access the modification of your ad.

d. I made a transaction on with someone that went wrong. What to do ?

Eurodeal connects different parties (individuals, professionals). In accordance with our general conditions, we are in no way responsible for the transaction process between the parties. In the event of a dispute between individuals and / or professionals, we do not intervene in any way. We therefore invite you to systematically exercise great caution in your transactions and to contact your competent legal authority in the event of a dispute. Only this one will be able to settle the dispute that you have with the other party.

e. I want to insert an ad in a category that is not on your site. How to do ?

Place your ad in the “Others” section. Eurodeal will create the missing section and put your ad there.

f. My ad has been deleted. Why?

If your ad has been removed, it has been found to not meet our terms of use or has prohibited content.

All advertisements inserted in multiple sections (multi-posting) or those which allude to illegal practices or services are automatically deleted.

g. I would like to report a contentious ad. How to do?

Click on the ad title to see details. Below this you have a link to report abuse. Please use this form to alert us. We will check the ad immediately.

h. I lost my password to log into my account…

If you have lost your password, you have the possibility of receiving it by email: to do this, please click on “Forgotten password” and you will be redirected to another page to obtain a new one which will be sent to you.

i. I cannot change the categories or regions when inserting a classified ad, what should I do?

To use, you must have the latest version of your Internet browser. Please check your browser version number and update it. Please also check that your browser accepts Cookies and Javascript, AJASM and AJAX technologies.

j. I feel like I am the victim of a con artist. What to do?

In general, posting classified ads, both on the Internet and in a newspaper, can attract unscrupulous people. Eurodeal works daily to protect your data. In particular, we have developed tools against spam of all kinds. Before carrying out a commercial transaction with a third party, take the maximum guarantees on its reliability. Avoid paying in advance or delivering merchandise unpaid. If, moreover, you must be the subject of canvassing by an entity which presents itself as, beware, this is a total commercial usurpation.

k. I still cannot solve my problem and I absolutely need to contact you.

You can contact us at any time by email. Given the free nature of our services, we only intervene in the event of a serious problem, but in no case in a dispute relating to a transaction between users. Before contacting us, please read our “Help & FAQ” section carefully and / or have someone who is comfortable with the Internet assist you.