At Eurodeal, the publication of your advertisements is completely free.

Only the addition of options as follows make them pay:


  • Your ad is highlighted by a yellow background making it more visible.
    This option costs: 20 Crédeals

Top of the list

  • This option puts your ad immediately at the top of the list and will allow users to see it first.
    Please note that an ad can only be placed at the top of the list once it is published.
    This option costs: 10 Crédeals

Add a video

  • This option allows you to add a video to your ad through a link or Youtube source only.
    This option costs: 30 Crédeals

Add an internet link to your ad

  • This option allows you to add additional support to your ad via an external link (, this may be your website or other.
    This option costs: 40 Crédeals

Renew your ad

  1. For 15 days: 10 Crédeals
  2. For 30 days: 15 Crédeals
  3. For 45 days: 20 Crédeals
  4. For 60 Days: 25 Crédeals

This is why Euro Deal offers every new user who registers a credit of 40 Credeals to allow them to add features to their listings.
Note 1 € = 10 Crédeals.